Indonesia Ordered Eight Frigates From Italy

The Egyptian Navy's latest frigate, Al Galala (FFG 1002), setting sails from La Spezia in early December for sea trials with Egyptian crew. It is the former "Spartaco Schergat" FREMM of the Italian Navy. Luca Peruzzi picture.

Fincantieri and the Ministry of Defense of Indonesia have signed a contract for the supply of 6 FREMM-class frigates, the modernization and sale of 2 Maestrale-class frigates, and the related logistical support.

The order represents a success for Fincantieri and for the Country, which has a fleet of 10 FREMM ships. The agreement is of the utmost importance to strengthen the collaboration between two Countries in a strategic area of the Pacific.

Fincantieri will be prime contractor for the entire program. The construction of the frigates will ensure significant employment benefits not only for several Italian shipyards of the Group in the next years, but also for other companies in the sector, namely Leonardo, as well as numerous small and medium-sized national companies, and will see the collaboration of the local PT-PAL shipyard (Java island). The modernization of the two Maestrale class vessels, which Fincantieri will acquire from the Italian Navy once decommissioned, will also be carried out in Italy.

The acquisition of an order of this magnitude allows Fincantieri to also assume global leadership in the surface ships sector, and is the confirmation of the technological leadership of a project once again considered the most innovative on the market which led to 20 ships for several foreign Navies, between orders and options. This program has an extraordinary strategic importance, both for the economic return for our Country and for the Italian defense supply chain, and because it ensures Fincantieri’s strong positioning in the area, paving the way for the finalization of further important negotiations for other programs already in progress also in the civil sector”.

Finally, I want to acknowledge our Navy, which has made a decisive contribution to building together with the Country’s industry a ship that is appreciated all over the world and which fully satisfies its operational needs”.

Giuseppe Bono, CEO of Fincantieri


About Maestrale-class Frigates

Maestrale-class is a class of light frigates built in the 1980s by Fincantieri for the Italian Navy (Marina Militare). Eight were built and the last of the class was commissioned in 1985.

Four are still in service within the Italian Navy but are meant to be replaced by the Bergamini-class.


  • Displacement: 3040 tonnes
  • Length: 123 meters
  • Beam: 13 meters
  • Draught: 4.2 meters
  • Maximum speed: 33 knots
  • Range: 6000 nautical miles at 15 knots
  • Crew: 225
  • Armament : 4 × TESEO Mk-2 anti-ship missiles, double launchers; 4 × Albatross octuple Aspide SAM launchers, 1 × Otobreda 127 mm/54 gun; 2 × Oto Melara Twin 40L70 DARDO CIWS; 2 × Browning HB2B 12.7 mm; 2 × MG 42/59 7.62 mm; 2 × 533 mm torpedo tubes; 2 × 324 mm triple torpedo tubes with Mk-46 Mod.2 torpedoes

About FREMM-class Frigates

FREMM is a class of multi-purpose frigates designed by Fincantieri and Naval Group for Italian and French Navy. However, FREMM built by Fincantieri are heavier and more armed than their sisters of the French Navy.

FREMM are able to make a wide range of missions including anti-submarine warfare as well as anti-ship and anti-air warfare.

Specifications of the Frigates built by Finacntieri (FREMM specifications for Indonesia are still unknown) :

  • Displacement: 6700 tonnes
  • Length: 144m
  • Draught: 7.6m
  • Beam: 19,7m
  • Propulsion: CODLAG
  • Maximum speed: >27 knots
  • Range: 6000 nautical miles at 15 kn
  • Crew: 145
  • Weapons: 16 MBDA Aster 15 and 30 missiles; 2 × Leonardo OTO Melara 76/62 mm Davide/Strales guns; 2 × Leonardo Oto Melara/Oerlikon KBA 25/80 mm remote weapon systems; 8 × MBDA Teseo\Otomat Mk-2/A anti-ship and land attack missiles; 2 × triple Leonardo B-515/3 launcher for MU 90 torpedoes.
  • Aviation facility: 2 hangars

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