Turkish F-16 shot down second Su-25 aircraft of the Armenian Air Force

Turkish F-16 fighters shot down a second Su-25 attack aircraft of Armenian Air Force.

The Ministry of Defense of Armenia reported that the Su-25 attack aircraft of its air force was shot down by Turkish F-16 fighters located at a distance of about 60 kilometres from the country’s border. This apparently is about the use of AIM-120 AMRAAM air-to-air missiles, while the crew of the Armenian Air Force combat aircraft was killed.

Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense released a statement that Turkish F-16 fighters arrived in Azerbaijan through Georgian airspace in July.

On the first day of the war, September 27, Turkish F-16 fighters violated the airspace of Armenia. This was announced at a press conference on Thursday by the Deputy Commander of the Air Defense Forces, Colonel Garik Movsesyan.

Movsesyan presented data on the use of Turkish fighters in the Karabakh war. On September 27, the F-16 violated the airspace of Armenia by 6 km, struck the village of Mets Masrik and the city of Vardenis, on September 29, 60 km from the border, Turkish F-16 shot down an Armenian Su-25, on October 10 it hit Kapan twice.

Previously GDC reported that the Turkish F-16s are armed with AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles with a maximum range of hitting air targets more than 100 kilometres. On the other hand, Armenia restrained its Su-30SM in fear of Turkish combat aircraft and drones, even after the latter invaded the country’s airspace at a distance of 60 kilometers.

“There are only two options for what happened, either Armenia missed Turkish combat aircraft or the S-300 air defense systems turned out to be useless, since they could not hit targets from a distance of several tens of kilometres and destroyed by Azerbaijani drones.”, reported Sputnik News quoting Russian Defense Expert.

On October 12, the advanced units of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces switched to offensive operations in different directions of the front line. In addition, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces are trying in every possible way to break into the city of Hadrut. The Defense Army of Karabakh is fighting hard battles for every inch of land.

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