LAND 400 Phase III: Australian Army Shortlist Rheinmetall Defence and Hanwha Defense

Rheinmetall Defence’s KF41 Lynx Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) and Hanwha Defense’s AS21 Redback IFV have been shortlisted to compete against each other for the opportunity to provide Army with up to 450 tracked IFVs and 17 manoeuvre support worths AU$15 billion.

Hanwha’s AS21 Redback is a heavily-upgraded version of the KT21 IFV that has been in service with the South Korean army since 2009. The platform is being offered with a new two-man T2000 30mm turret developed by Canberra company Electro-Optic Systems, and will benefit from close collaboration with Israel’s Elbit Systems on C4I systems integration.

Hanwha has undertaken to establish a self-reliant manufacturing base at Geelong for the Redback. This facility would also be used to manufacture the company’s K9 155mm self-propelled howitzer (SPH) that is believed to be under consideration for a sole-source acquisition of 30 SPH for the recently-revived and renamed Land 8116 Protected Mobility Fires Requirement.

A key feature of the Lynx combat family is its versatility. The Lynx comes in two versions (KF stands for “Kettenfahrzeug”, which means tracked vehicle in German):

Lynx KF41 is slightly larger and can carry 3+8 soldiers

The Lynx can be configured for various roles:

  • Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV),
  • Command & control,
  • Armoured reconnaissance,
  • Repair & recovery or
  • Ambulance.

A high degree of commonality in parts and components is another prominent feature of the Lynx family of vehicles. This simplifies logistic support and has a positive impact on training. Furthermore, customized service support is available worldwide – ranging from training and logistics to in-theatre repairs and technology transfer.

The Lynx KF41 is more than just a new, highly advanced vehicle: it is the ultimate future-proof platform, blending unsurpassed protection with massive firepower and unbeatable mobility in a uniquely modular concept.

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