Syrian Rebel Shot Down Russian Mi-35 Helicopter Using Chinese FN-6 MANPAD

A Russian Mi-35 military helicopter was downed in Syria by the rebel group using Chinese FN-6 MANPAN killing the pilot, reported Syrian newspaper Amak.

During a routine patrol by the Russian military in the desert area in the empty areas of central Syria, the Syrian rebel group launched a missile from FN-6 MANPAD downing the helicopter and killing the pilots instantly, reported the Amak newspaper.

Fighters from the Free Syrian Army eagerly assemble an FN-6 anti-aircraft missile launcher for use against soldiers loyal to the Assad regime. Source AFP/Getty Image

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation confirmed that the Russian military in Syria lost a helicopter during a routine patrol in Syria.

The Chinese-made weapons are thought to have been provided to the FSA by sympathisers in Qatar. Source AFP/Getty Image.

The confirmed sightings of surface-to-air FN-6 missiles developed by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation sparked a wave of online interest among Chinese military enthusiasts and observers.

China has supplied FN-6 to Sudan and FN-6 found their way into the hands of the rebels.

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