Armenian Su-30s turned out to be useless in the Karabakh conflict: Professor Boris Sokolov

The Su-30SM fighters purchased from Russia were never used by the Armenian Air Force. Due to the fact that the republic was unable to master this technique, it turned out to be useless, said history professor Boris Sokolov in his material for the Den newspaper.

He noted that the Su-30SM would have been an effective means of fighting the Azerbaijani troops. If the Armenian pilots mastered this technique, the outcome of the confrontation could be completely different, the expert assured.

In addition, the failures of Yerevan are due to the fact that most of the Armenian high-ranking military have outdated views on the conduct of war. On the modern battlefield, Soviet methods no longer work.

The Armenian troops were preparing to repeat the first Karabakh war, which took place in the nineties. However, they did not take into account the rapid growth of technology, which is why the tactics of military operations of the past years are no longer valid, the article says.

Earlier reported that the NKR military refused to leave their positions and transfer them to Azerbaijan. Eventually, Azerbaijan seized control of the second largest city of NKR and won the war. Mostly contributed by advanced war planning by Israeli and Turkish military personnel on the ground and high-tech drone warfare.

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