Australian company Codan Radio Communications wins Bangladesh Army’s Portable radio deal

Australian company Codan Radio Communications, a division of Codan Limited (ASX:CDA), has won a deal from the Bangladesh Army to supply portable communications devices.

Under the contract, which was announced by the company on 31 October, Codan said the Bangladesh Army has purchased 200 of its Patrol 2110M manpack transceivers, which provide long-range high frequency (HF) voice and data communications capability.


These operations include the Manpacks’ deployment in post disaster recovery efforts when lives are on line. The Manpacks will also be utilised for the Bangladesh Army’s United Nations peacekeeping missions in the African region. The Bangladesh forces are well received by the respective nations enabling highly effective work to be achieved with the right equipment for Bangladesh Army.

Codan referenced the contract as a “multimillion dollar partnership” but did not provide details.

The Codan 2110M is compliant with MIL-STD-188-141B ALE, FED-STD-1045 ALE, Digital Voice, interoperability with commercial and other military grade radios, frequency hopping, and voice encryption.

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The company added that it would support the 2110M devices through the provision of in-country training over the coming months as it “aims to strengthen the relationship with the Bangladesh Army and continue to support military operations throughout the Asia Pacific and African nations.

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