Swiss Air 2030: Extended-range ground-based air defense system

Eurosam SAMP/T

On January 2020, armasuisse has also issued the second request for proposal to the government authorities where the two potential suppliers of new extended-range ground-based air defense systems are located: France (Eurosam SAMP/T) and the US (Raytheon Patriot). As with the fighter aircraft, the second request for proposal is based on the analysis of the first proposal, on the findings of sensor tests in Switzerland and audits of armed forces operating the evaluated systems. In the second request for proposal, the manufacturers contacted via the government authorities are requested to submit the most advantageous proposal for Switzerland.

The proposal should include the following elements:

  • Price for extended-range ground-based defence systems capable of covering at least 15,000 km2, including defined logistics and weapons, as a binding starting point for the detailed negotiations with the selected candidate after the type selection
  • Offers for cooperation between the armed forces and the procurement authorities of Switzerland and those of the supplier country
  • Envisaged or already initiated offset projects

The offset obligations include Bodluv GR, RUAG MRO Switzerland is designated as the centre for maintenance, overhaul and repair; and the candidates’ capabilities to counter ballistic missiles are to be clarified.

The new extended-range ground-based air defence system will be set against the costs of procurement and 30 years of operation. Based on the evaluation report, the Head of the DDPS (the Swiss Minister of Defence) will be presented with a recommendation for the most suitable fighter aircraft and extended-range ground-based air defence system for Switzerland. The final type selection will be taken by the Federal Council.

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