Italy will deliver Storm Shadow stealth cruise missiles to Ukraine

UK Defense Secretary Grant Shapps disclosed Italy’s delivery of Storm Shadow/SCALP EG stealth cruise missiles to Ukraine, alongside contributions from France and the United Kingdom.

Shapps made the announcement during his visit to the MBDA UK production site, where British Storm Shadow missiles are assembled and modernized.

While Italy’s government has not officially confirmed the transfer of these missiles to Ukraine, some Western experts speculate that the exchange occurred without a formal announcement.

Italy’s initial procurement of Storm Shadow missiles dates back to 1999, with unofficial reports suggesting the acquisition of 200 units over the years. The revelation of Italy’s involvement in supplying these advanced munitions to Ukraine adds a new dimension to the geopolitical landscape, signaling broader solidarity among NATO allies in supporting Ukraine’s defense capabilities.

In addition to Italy’s involvement, Minister Shapps outlined plans for the United Kingdom to invest in accelerating Storm Shadow missile production. These investments aim to expand manufacturing capacities, ensuring both the UK and Ukraine possess the capability to deliver devastating strikes with these precision-guided weapons.

Shapps emphasized the pivotal role of defense companies like MBDA UK in bolstering national security, advocating for their transition to a “war footing” to confront an increasingly perilous world. The assembly of Storm Shadow missiles at the MBDA UK facility near Stevenage involves components manufactured by France, the UK, and Italy, with each missile carrying a price tag of £2.2 million.

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