U.S. Air Force’s GaN based 3DELRR to replace AN/TPS-75 PESA air search radar

Raytheon had proposed a C-band gallium nitride (GaN)-based radar for the original 3DELRR competition. GaN technology helps increase the radar’s range, sensitivity, and search capabilities, while operating in C-band offers increased flexibility because that portion of the spectrum is relatively uncongested, Raytheon officials say.

The award is worth nearly $52.7 million and is a fixed-price-incentive-firm contract. This is a result of a competitive bid, as the Air Force received two offers.

3DELRR is to be the principal Air Force long-range, ground-based sensor for detecting, identifying, tracking, and reporting aerial targets for the Joint Force Air Component Commander through the Theater Air Control System, Air Force officials say.

Raytheon said its 3DELRR is one of the first U.S. systems built from the ground-up. It’s a C-band gallium nitride-based radar, allowing users to detect, identify and track a variety of objects accurately, at great distances. The company said C-band is a relatively uncongested portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, and the solution is interoperable with coalition systems and can meet requirements for many foreign militaries.

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