Ukraine authorized to use British-supplied Storm Shadow cruise missiles and Paveway IV bombs to strike inside Russia

Vladimir Putin has slammed Lord Cameron after he said British missiles could be used to blitz Russian territory.

The furious tyrant branded the UK Foreign Secretary’s comments as “dangerous and worrying”.

During a trip to Kyiv yesterday Lord Cameron said Ukraine has the right to strike inside Russia “just as [Moscow] is striking inside Ukraine”.

The ex-PM also announced new British military aid for Ukraine – saying it would be up to Kyiv how it used the UK-supplied weapons.

Lord Cameron said: “In terms of what the Ukrainians do, in our view, it is their decision about how to use these weapons, they’re defending their country, they were illegally invaded by Putin and they must take those steps.”

It has prompted a fierce response from the Kremlin, with Putin’s puppet spokesman Dmitry Peskov vowing his comments could ” imperil the entire system of European security architecture”.

Peskov added: “The Kremlin views Cameron’s statements about Kyiv’s right to use British weapons to strike the Russian Federation as a direct escalation.”

Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova claimed Cameron’s comments amounted to acknowledgement that the West was waging a war against Russia using “Ukrainian hands”.

She said: “Cameron’s words are further evidence of the hybrid war the West is waging against our country.

“Russia is responding to that and will continue to respond.”

It comes after The Sun revealed British-made bombs will be used by US fighter jets under plans to boost Ukraine’s air force.

The first of the F-16 fighters long promised by allies are due to arrive in July.

The UK has pledged to arm the jets with $40,000 Paveway IV bombs, which are guided by lasers and GPS.

The weapons — used in conflicts in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Yemen — are part of a package of 1,600 bombs and missiles announced by Britain last week.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky hailed the F-16 deal as a “breakthrough moment” in the war against Russia.

Speaking to The Sun’s Defence Editor Jerome Starkey on our new show World At War, Defence Secretary Grant Shapps said: “We were the first to send in anti-tank missiles.

“The first to send in main battle tanks, the first to send in missiles with the permissions to use them properly.

“And now we’re going to be the first also to provide  glide bombs for those (F-16) aircraft as well.”

Mr Shapps also criticised US President Joe Biden for telling Ukraine not to blitz inside Russia.

He called his demands Kyiv halt strikes on Putin’s oil refineries “ridiculous”.

Mr Shapps said: “You can’t tell Ukraine, ‘you can’t attack the infrastructure of the country who are attacking you’.

“I mean, that would be ridiculous.”

He admitted Britain’s stance was “punchier” than other allies, adding: “We’ve always been quite forward leaning on this.”

Ukraine has hit multiple targets deep inside Russia, including oil refineries.

Meanwhile, Britain’s Chief of Defence Staff has said Ukraine will ramp-up long-range strikes inside Russia as billions of pounds of new weapons flood in.

Admiral Sir Tony Radakin said plane-loads of new western weapons would help the blitzes.

Britain has pledged more than 1,600 long-range armaments including Storm Shadow missiles and Paveway IV laser-guided bombs.

The UK agreed an extra $700 million military aid to Ukraine last month, bringing our contribution to $4 billion this year.

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