Iran unveils Bavar-373 air defense system amid Israel tensions

During a military parade on Wednesday, the Iranian armed forces showcased a range of military equipment, including drones and long-range ballistic missiles days after it attacked Israel.

Among the showcased arsenal was the newly enhanced long-range air defense system named Bavar-373. This upgraded surface-to-air missile system boasts the capability to engage aerial targets at distances exceeding 200 kilometers, including short-range ballistic missiles.

The missile complex features the latest iteration of the solid-fuelled surface-to-air missile, Sayyad 4B, enhancing its interception capabilities. The canisters containing the Sayyad-4 missiles are to be carried on the Zoljanah 10×10 truck.

The Iranian Bavar-373 air defense system, with its extended range, demonstrates the capacity to detect up to 30 targets, track 10 simultaneously, and engage six of them concurrently.

Iran’s display of advanced weaponry serves as a clear message of readiness to respond to regional threats, particularly from Israel.

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