Portugal joins Czech initiatives to purchase ammunition for Ukraine

Portugal has committed to contribute 100 million euros to the Czech Republic-led initiative to provide artillery ammunition to Ukraine.

This decision positions Portugal among a growing list of countries actively supporting Ukraine in its current security challenges. Participants in this initiative now include Latvia, Luxembourg, Denmark, Canada, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Norway, Lithuania, Poland, and Sweden, highlighting a diverse and powerful coalition dedicated to defending the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Portugal’s commitment reflects its adherence to the principles of the United Nations Charter and international law, as well as its firm support for the defense of human rights, fundamental freedoms, and democratic values. By joining this initiative, Portugal not only strengthens solidarity ties with Ukraine but also actively participates in a collective effort.

This contribution of 100 million euros demonstrates Portugal’s willingness to play an active role in supporting Ukraine during these times of crisis. The initiative, aimed at the joint procurement of ammunition and its rapid delivery to Ukraine, represents a crucial step in coordinating and amplifying the military aid provided to Ukraine by European nations.

The Czech initiative for Ukraine involves international coordination to quickly provide artillery shells to Ukraine, in response to its urgent call for more ammunition to repel the Russian aggressor. Faced with the slow pace of European promises, this initiative seeks suppliers outside the EU, with Canada and the Netherlands among the first contributors. In total, 15 countries have committed, showing a collective effort to support Ukraine in its defense of sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The Russo-Ukrainian war has evolved into a real “artillery battle,” underscoring the critical importance of ammunition in this conflict. According to European Union estimates, Ukraine was using between 4,000 and 7,000 artillery shells per day last summer, while Russia was launching over 20,000 daily onto Ukrainian territory. At times, the number of shells fired by Russia even reached between 20,000 and 50,000 per day.

With a unit cost of approximately 6,000 euros for a 155 mm shell, Portugal, through its contribution of 100 million euros to the Czech initiative to provide munitions to Ukraine, could acquire about 16,666 shells of this type. This donation thus ensures 2 to 4 days of ammunition for Ukrainian artillery, far from being sufficient, but if all European countries join in, it could help the Ukrainian forces struggling to get ammunition on the front.

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