Sergei Shoigu Secured Ammunitions, Pokpung Ho II Tanks, And GeumSeong-3 Cruise Missiles Deal With North Korea In Return of Food Relief

Kim Jong-un watched on beside Russia's Sergei Shoigu, left and China's Li Hongzhong, right. Photo The Telegraph.

Kim Jong-un has showcased his new ballistic nuke missiles and drones as he flexes North Korea’s military muscle at the West.

The tyrant watched on as the terrifying weapons were flaunted in a mighty military parade in Pyongyang.

Kim stood shoulder to shoulder with Chinese and Russian officials as they reviewed his newest nuclear-capable missiles and attack drones in the capital.

Russia is sending a delegation to North Korea to offer food in exchange for weapons, US national security spokesperson has said.

Mr Kirby said any arms deal between North Korea and Russia would violate UN Security Council resolutions.

The US has previously accused North Korea of supplying arms to the Russian military in Ukraine and the Wagner group of Russia mercenaries.

North Korea previously supplied more than 40,000 artillery shells to Russian army. North Korea aids Russia with Soviet-era rifles, tank shells and spare parts.

In a recent trip to North Korea, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has secured a deal with North Korea, acquiring GeumSeong-3 anti-ship missiles, Pokpung Ho II tanks and ammunitions for Russian military.

KN-09 Kumsong (GeumSeong-3) KN0v 0x 01, KN-19 Reported North Korean copy of the Russian-origin Kh-35U. Kumsong-3 is a North Korean domestic variant/clone of Kh-35 likely based on Kh-35U due to range.

North Korean GeumSeong-3 anti-ship cruise missile. A reverse engineered copy of Russian Kh-35 missile.

Pokpung Ho II, with wedge-shaped turret armor. Almost certainly composite. Up-armed from a 115mm gun to a 125mm gun.

Pokpung Ho II tanks, a reverse engineered copy of T-72 tanks. Photo Twitter.

At first glance, it largely resembles old soviet tanks such as the T-72, except for the ammunition basket on the rear of the turret. Pokpung Ho II is everse engineered from scrapped T-72s.

Pokpung Ho II tanks, a reverse engineered copy of T-72 tanks. Photo Twitter.

In a chilling warning to the West, at least four new military drones were towed through Kim Il Sung Square on Thursday.

New attack and spy drones were also flown overhead in a show of strength, the KCNA state news agency reported.

The new surveillance drones could be used to survey targets, assess damage and generally enhance situational awareness, according to Ankit Panda of the US-based Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Kim, Russia’s defence minister Sergei Shoigu and Chinese Communist Party Politburo member Li Hongzhong talked, laughed and saluted as North Korean troops marched and weapons rolled past.

The parade is also understood to have included North Korea’s latest Hwasong-17 and Hwasong-18 intercontinental ballistic missiles.

They are believed to have the range to strike anywhere in the United States.

In a speech at the parade, North Korean Defense Minister General Kang Sun Nam accused the US and its allies of increasing tension in the region.

It comes after a US Trident missile submarine docked in South Korea – the first time the US has sent a nuclear-armed submarine to South Korea since 1981.

The parade came as North Korea marks the 70th anniversary of the signing of the Korean War armistice, known as Victory Day.

Vladimir Putin’s crony Shoigu jetted into the hermit kingdom this week amid celebrations as Russia cosies up to North Korea in a bid to get weapons to use in Ukraine.

Kim hosted a reception and lunch with him and vowed solidarity with Russia’s people and military.

Shoigu praised the North Korean military as the strongest in the world, and the two discussed strategic security and defence cooperation, KCNA said.

At another meeting, Shoigu read a congratulatory message from Putin, who thanked North Korea for its support during the “special military operation” in Ukraine, media reported.

The US has accused North Korea of providing weapons to Russia for its war in Ukraine, which both nations have denied.

State Department deputy spokesperson Vedant Patel said on Thursday the US was “incredibly concerned” about their ties.

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