Ukrainian volunteers convert Humvee into mobile 120mm multiple rocket launcher

Ukrainian volunteers from Vinnytsia installed a multiple rocket launcher on a US-supplied AM General HMMWV, Militarnyi reports. In one of the enterprises located in Vinnytsia, volunteers have already been producing light anti-aircraft gun carriers based on pickups for over a year. “The advantage of such installations is mobility and inconspicuousness, which makes them very effective for point strikes,” the volunteers said.

At the beginning of October 2023, work on the 40th rocket launcher was completed here. And for the first time, a purely army vehicle became the base for it: an armored HMMWV M1152A1, released only in December 2021 and transferred from the USA, was chosen for the new mounting.

Previously, the Ukrainian craftsmen mounted mobile MLRS with three or six tubes. Now, nine 122mm tubes are mounted on a Humvee for the first time. The firing process is carried out using a remote control with a 20m-long cable.

The Vinnytsia craftsmen already have six more MLRS in operation. They don’t take money from the military. The funds for production are collected through social networks.

Militarnyi reminds us that, recently in Ukraine, the anti-tank missile system Amulet from KB Luch was also integrated into an HMMWV chassis. ATGM Amulet is intended for destroying stationary and moving ground targets, including armored vehicles, and tanks fitted with dynamic protection.

Air defense systems are also actively used on HMMWV chassis in Ukraine. 

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