Russian General Yuri Afanasevskii Severely Injured After Ukraine’s Secret Services Gave Him An Exploding Mobile Phone

A Russian general was seriously wounded after being given an ‘exploding phone’ by Ukraine’s secret service.

Yuri Afanasevskii, 64, is injured in hospital as is his son following the explosion at his house in Luhansk.

Russian sources are blaming Ukraine’s SBU secret service after explosives were reportedly planted inside a mobile phone that was given to him.

A woman suspected of handing the FSB general an exploding device is being held under investigation for attempted murder.

Russia’s Investigative Committee said she gave him “a mobile phone with an explosive device that was set off after the phone was activated.”

“The attacker is detained, she has already confessed,” they added.

Investigators have “interrogated a wide range of people” and “seized objects of interest” over the explosion.

Afanasevskii worked as head of customs in the area of Ukraine’s Luhansk which Mad Vlad’s forces annexed in 2014 and last year claimed to incorporate into Russia.

The FSB official’s wife was also reportedly injured in the explosion.

A statement from the Committee said: “The man and his son received multiple injuries. They are currently in a medical facility.”

The Putin general had previously been sanctioned by Britain, the EU, Canada, Switzerland and Japan.

He was shown to also have financial interests in the British Virgin Islands.

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