Ukrainian special forces sniper achieved the longest kill record

A Ukrainian sniper and special operations serviceman from the Security Service of Ukraine, or SBU, successfully hit a Russian soldier at 3,800 meters (2,36 miles), establishing a new global record for a successful sniper shot. The previous record stood at 3,540 meters.

To substantiate this extraordinary accomplishment, a video was released, clearly capturing the precise hit on the Russian military personnel and instilling terror among the encroachers present nearby.

“SBU snipers are rewriting the rules of global sniping, showcasing unparalleled abilities to operate effectively at remarkable distances,” read an official statement.

This record shot was executed by the specialist using the Ukrainian-made multi-caliber antimaterial sniper rifle named Horizon’s Lord (Volodar Obriyu).

The cartridge employed in this rifle is a newly developed .50 caliber round known as 12.7x114HL (presumably denoting Horizon’s Lord), crafted by necking down the 14.5x114mm case.

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