Slovakia started local production of Finnish Patria 8×8 AMV XP armored vehicle

As reported by CSM Industry on February 19, 2024, Slovakia has commenced local production of the Finnish Patria AMV XP 8×8 armored vehicle, marking a successful technology transfer from Patria to the Slovak industry. The procurement of 76 Vydra, the Slovak variant of the Finnish Patria 8×8 AMV XP vehicles, valued at 447 million euros, follows an intergovernmental agreement signed between Slovakia and Finland in August 2022.

The Finnish Patria AMV XP 8×8 armored vehicle, an upgraded version of the original Patria AMV, was introduced in 2013. (Picture source: CSM Industry and Army Recognition)

According to the contract terms, Slovakia will receive the vehicles in three variants by 2027, including 60 combat versions equipped with a domestic Turra-30 turret and a 30x173mm locally-made GTS-30/N cannon, along with 10 medical and 6 command versions, intended to enhance the capabilities of the Slovak Armed Forces. It’s noteworthy that Slovakia has already received a medical version, as reported on September 27, 2023.

The agreement highlights the involvement of the Slovak defense industry, aiming for 40% of Slovak defense industry content. The current stake exceeds this goal, standing at nearly 43%, benefiting over 40 Slovak defense companies. This initiative aims to transfer technical expertise and innovative solutions to Slovakia, fostering the development of the local engineering and defense sector and offering educational and employment opportunities for the Slovak economy.

The Patria AMV XP, an upgraded version of the original Patria AMV, was introduced in 2013. It features advanced capabilities such as NATO-compliant cannons, communication systems, command and control systems, IED jammers, and improved swimming abilities, enhancing its operational effectiveness.

This updated model offers improved payload capacity, mobility, and protection while maintaining the layout of its predecessor. It can accommodate a crew of two and transport up to 10 infantry personnel, with the flexibility to be equipped with various turret types and armed with a range of weapon systems, including cannons and missile systems.

With its modular ballistic protection and potential for active defense systems, the Patria AMV XP provides enhanced survivability on the battlefield. Its mine protection can be scaled to exceed STANAG level 4a/4b, and its design incorporates features to reduce radar and thermal signatures for improved stealth capabilities.

The Patria AMV XP features a fully independent hydropneumatic suspension system and a robust chassis construction, enabling high-speed off-road driving and maneuverability. Supported by features like Integrated Terrain Control System (ITCS) and optional rear-axle steering, it offers mobility across various terrains and amphibious capabilities.

Designed for versatility, the Patria AMV XP can integrate a wide range of weapon systems, allowing for effective engagement of targets. Its high payload capacity and modular design enable efficient transportation of equipment, ammunition, and personnel, catering to diverse mission requirements without significant modifications to the vehicle’s basic systems.

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