A Russian gunpowder factory caught fire, another sabotage destroyed a major manufacturing hub

Fire at a gunpowder factory in Kazan

An explosion hit a major gunpowder plant in Russia’s southwestern region of Tambov on June 20, killing four people. Emergency services said at least 12 other people were injured. The region’s governor, Maksim Yegorov, said the explosion was caused by a “human factor,” excluding an attack or sabotage.

The Tambov gunpowder plant in the town of Kotovsk near the regional capital, Tambov, is one of Russia’s largest industrial facilities, producing ammunition and special chemical outputs. It produces pyroxylin gunpowder for weapons and artillery of all types used by the Russian armed forces.

Four people died as a result of an explosion that occurred on Tuesday at a gunpowder factory in the city of Kotovsk, Tambov region. Such data is provided by agencies with reference to emergency services. According to the latest data, 12 people were injured. “Base” also writes about four dead. According to the publication, the explosion occurred in workshop No. 3 at about 14.00 Moscow time. After the explosion, a fire started in the room, which was allegedly extinguished quickly.

The Tambov Powder Plant, as stated on its website, “is one of the largest enterprises in the ammunition and special chemicals industry. It produces pyroxylin powders for all types of weapons, artillery systems of all calibers, which are in service with the Ground Forces, Navy and Aviation.”

On October 23, 2022, at the Perm Powder Plant, 3 people died as a result of a fire in the plastics workshop.

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