Russian Army’s Lieutenant Colonel And Soldiers Surrendered In Kharkiv Region

Captured Lieutenant Colonel and soldiers of the Russian army in Ukraine. September 2022. Ukraine. Photo credits: Ukrainian media

During the counteroffensive actions of the Ukrainian military, a significant amount of Russian army officers and soldiers surrendered, reported Sun newspaper. The officers of the Russian Army are also surrendering.

In particular, in the Kharkov direction, the Ukrainian military captured Russians soldiers, among whom was a lieutenant colonel of the Russian army.

The corresponding video with prisoners, on September 7, was published by an officer of the Armed Forces, Anatoliy Stefan.

It’s not specified where exactly these videos were shot.

A significant number of militants from the so-called “L/DNR” were also captured in the Kharkiv direction.

As previously reported, the Armed Forces of Ukraine moved to counter-offensive actions on the Kharkiv front.

On September 6, the military struck the flank of the so-called Izium group of Russian troops.

Earlier on Tuesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, commenting on the military operation in the south, hinted that the military has launched a counteroffensive in various directions.

“I will not say that this is only a counteroffensive in the Kherson region… There is a direction or directions – in the plural – and we must move forward,” Zelenskyy said.

According to Zelenskyy, he is not yet able to discuss the details of military actions.

If the reports about the capture of Balakliia by the Ukrainian military are officially confirmed, this will seriously complicate the situation of the Russian troops: firstly, this city covered their rear, secondly, the routes to Kupiansk open from there.

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