Ukraine’s HIMARS strike blew up Russia’s major oil depot in Makiivka

A massive explosion tore through a Russian oil depot after four missiles struck their target in a major win for Ukraine.

Dramatic footage showed massive orange and red flames rise from the storage base in Russian-held Makiivka, Donetsk, Ukraine as dark plumes of smoke filled the air.

Witnesses appeared from footage to be standing close to the inferno, filming the blaze from populated places including a carpark.

Russian sources admitted the Ukrainian strike had hit its target – causing massive destruction.

It is a new blow for Putin’s war effort – but the frontline remains at a stalemate.

War correspondent Yuri Kotenok said: “They fired from a multiple rocket launcher.

“A total of four missiles were fired.”

“There was no information about the wounded or casualties.”

Telegram sources referred to an alleged part of a rocket aimed at the oil depot, while Astra media pointed to the inferno being the result “of a missile hitting an oil depot” in Makiivka.

The attack is the latest blow to Vladimir Putin’s war efforts as Russian bases and factories are repeatedly hit by Ukraine.

It comes after a Russian factory that made engines for Putin’s tanks and armoured vehicles was rocked by a massive explosion last month.

A fireball shot into the sky after the blast at the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant in the Ural mountains near the border with Kazakhstan.

Locals reported hearing a powerful “explosion”, while footage showed the moment the factory went up in flames in a huge inferno.

Two of Putin’s security officials were earlier reported to have been blown up in a brazen car bombing in occupied Ukraine.

Footage showed an inferno engulfing the car after both of the senior officials escaped with life-threatening injuries.

The car bombing in the Russian-held eastern city of Luhansk left deputy interior minister Lt-Col Oleg Shumilov and criminal investigations chief Lt-Col Vladimir Pakholenko fighting for their lives.

Both were taken to hospital with serious shrapnel wounds following the explosion in the UAZ Patriot vehicle, according to Russian media.

Days prior, a Russian military base exploded in flames as a gunpowder plant supplying Putin’s forces in Ukraine was blasted in a second suspected attack.

A roaring fire was spotted by a passing local at an army engineering barracks at Kurganinsk in Krasnodar region near Crimea.

They were heard in a video saying: “I was driving home and here’s the military base on fire. Holy s***!”

The base was linked to military unit No. 98547, part of 242nd Bridge Railway Battalion of the Russian Armed Forces, whose main tasks included maintaining and repairing railway bridges for military uses.

A sawmill at the facility was believed to have been destroyed in the fire.

Meanwhile, Russia reported a drone attack on a gunpowder plant in Kotovsk, Tambov region, which supplied Putin’s forces in Ukraine.

A drone exploded on the roof of a workshop, causing damage and sparking a fire, Russian news outlet Baza reported.

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