Plasan provides armored vehicles to IDF amid war with Hamas

In a rapid response to the ongoing conflict, Israeli defense company Plasan transferred all available armored vehicles to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) within days of the conflict’s outbreak.

According to the Israel Defense magazine report, a significant number of these armored vehicles were provided free of charge as part of an “emergency mobilization” effort, aimed at expediting delivery to enable these vehicles to engage in combat and rescue missions from the outset.

Plasan has notably increased the production rate of “Sandcat Tigris” vehicles and plans to deliver dozens more in the coming months. This is in addition to the vehicles procured through emergency procedures at the start of the year, many of which have already been actively involved in various operational activities during the conflict.

Under a comprehensive agreement with the IDF, Plasan’s technical teams are deployed to provide ongoing maintenance support for vehicles in the field. This service includes mobile repairs to address damage incurred by vehicles engaged in combat across different sectors.

The “Sandcat Tigris” belongs to the SandCat vehicle family, which has been produced by Plasan for over two decades and supplied to 18 different countries, with over 1,000 vehicles delivered. Notably, a substantial number of “Sandcat Caracal” vehicles supplied to the Israel Police over a decade ago have actively participated in conflict operations in southern regions.

Simultaneously, alongside the accelerated production of armored vehicles for the IDF, Plasan has reestablished an emergency production line for personal protection plates. These plates have been vital in safeguarding IDF personnel during combat. The development team at Plasan managed to design and produce these plates within a single day, meeting and surpassing all ballistic and operational requirements as per the IDF’s ballistic laboratory testing.

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