Putin became increasingly paranoid and fearful for his life after Prigozhin assassination

Putin is widely reported to have become increasingly paranoid and fearful for his life. Credit: Reuters

Russian secret services are investigating an alleged plot from “within their own ranks” to assassinate Vladimir Putin.

The hunt is on for a supposed FSB agent who was reportedly boasting about taking down the dictator at a karaoke club in Moscow.

An informant, named Mikhail Yurchenko, told the Telegram channel VChK-OGPU – which has close links to Vlad’s security agencies- the “agent” was gloating about being given the “task” to “remove” the dictator.

The bizarre claim came from a meeting at Honey, a Moscow club and known haunt of Russian security services operatives.

He apparently showed the informant his service ID card during a “long heart-to-heart conversation about the war and future life in Russia”.

The informant is said to have told the channel that he “did not argue and changed the topic,” throughout the alleged exchange.

Yurchenko was left “haunted” by the supposed threat to Putin and reported it to police.

The channel then said Russian special services “have been searching for several days for the unknown person who planned to ‘remove’ Putin”.

“Based on his tip, operatives went to study the situation in the Honey club, where…you can often meet employees of various [secret] departments,” they continued.

The Russian dictator is known for taking his security extremely seriously and lives in constant fear of being assassinated.

As the war in Ukraine goes on, Vlad has become increasingly isolated and paranoid with people from his inner circle describing him as living in a “cocoon”.

Russian defector Gleb Karakulov told the Dossier Centre earlier this year: “He is pathologically afraid for his life. He surrounds himself with an impenetrable barrier of quarantines and an information vacuum.”

Putin is believed to be obsessed with his own death – from an illness or at the hands of an enemy.

The fear of death appears to have escalated to germaphobia amid mounting rumours of his frail health.

The Russian leader notoriously meets his guests at a 13ft long table and makes staff quarantine for two weeks before meetings.

The Russian tyrant is also said to be terrified of the possibility that he could be ousted and killed by his inner circle.

He is claimed to have survived six assassination attempts since being in office.

Last year his limousine was allegedly attacked in a possible attempt on his life.

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