Umka-2021: Russian Nuclear Submarines Were Forced To Surface, Lacks Countermeasures, Says Maxim Klimov

Russian Submarine Surfaced In Arctic During Umka-21 Exercise

Russian nuclear submarines were vulnerable to the western submarines, Vietnamese newspaper Soha reports.

Modern Russian nuclear submarines have proven to be quite vulnerable to Western submarines. According to preliminary information, even newly built submarines can be destroyed with light torpedoes. According to Soha newspaper, one US submarine can easily withstand three Russian submarines at once.

Russian experts were forced to admit that the current shortcomings could give the US Navy big advantages to sink three Russian submarines first.

The Defense Industry Reporter newspaper quotes the military expert Maxim Klimov: “In a combat situation, a US Navy submarine is capable of sinking all three nuclear-powered submarine cruisers of the Russian Navy.” After reporting, Klimov commented that at least one US submarine operated close to Russian submarines during the Umka-21 exercise. In theory, this simultaneous presence of US Navy ship means the Russian Navy would offer “big booty” to US Navy, allowing them to sink three Russian submarines, Vietnamese newspaper Soha reports.

In March 2021, three nuclear submarines simultaneously surfaced near Alexandra Island of Franz Joseph Land Archipelago. Two of them were Dolphin-class SSBN of project 667BDRM. The third one was the Knyaz Vladimir latest Borey-A-class SSBN of project 955A. The three submarines carried 48 ballistic missiles.

Norwegian Navy and Royal Navy Were Trailing Russian Submarines

Norway and the United Kingdom have conducted joint naval training in the north with the frigates “HMS Lancaster” and “KNM Thor Heyerdal”. 

The British and Norwegian frigates in joint training outside northern Norway. Photo: Norwegian Navy

“As two maritime nations, good neighbors and allies, we share security interests and challenges with the British. Training like this increases our ability to cooperate effectively and conduct maritime military operations in a safe manner,” said Commander on “KNM Thor Heyerdal”, Lars Larsson.

“This contributes to increased safety and preparedness in our immediate areas,” Larsson added.

The Norwegian frigate will continue to stay on watch in the north.

Russia’s comprehensive Arctic military drill has been going on all week since March 20th. “Under the leadership of the Headquarters of the Navy, the integrated Arctic expedition Umka-2021 is being conducted.

Knowing Russian submarines lack meaning countermeasures, the three submarines, two Delta-IV class and one Borei class were forced to surface as it were followed by Royal Navy and Norwegian Navy’s frigates.

The Western submarines are fitted with modern devices and electronics to counter torpedos. Both boomers and fast attacks carry torpedoes; for SSBNs, they provide self-defense, for SSNs serve as primary weapons. Fast attacks can also lay mines. Both types have acoustic countermeasure devices, such as noisy decoys, to confuse enemy sonar and homing torpedoes.

This is because maskers will cover a submarine’s evasion manoeuvre from the opponent’s broadband sonar system but will not reliably hide a submarine from the torpedo’s active or narrowband sonar search modes.

Overall, the Russian Vist-E is less capable than modern NATO decoys, but it can create a field of confusion that will hamper most torpedoes when used in groups.

According to Klimov, the power of Russian submarines should not be doubted; however, not a single Russian modern nuclear submarine has adequate means of countering torpedo attacks, and, therefore, the penetration of only one American submarine into the base area of ​​Russian nuclear submarines makes it easy to destroy them.

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