Ukrainian $500 FPV drone destroyed modernized $25 million TOR-M1S Missiles

Ukraine destroyed Tor-M2 drone using RAM II drone.

The Ukrainian Defense Forces have hit a Russian Tor-M1 surface-to-air missile system. The system was not completely destroyed, but it will not be able to fulfil its tasks in the near future.

“Tor-M1” is an all-weather tactical surface-to-air missile system. It is designed to destroy low-flying aircraft, helicopters, cruise missiles, drones and guided bombs.

The system was designed to provide defence against attack helicopters and attack aircraft. The Russian propagandist claimed that the system is capable of shooting down a fighter jet with a probability of up to 65 per cent and leaves virtually no chance against cruise missiles.

The Ukrainian Defense Forces have neither modern aircraft nor cruise missiles in service, but they do have $500 FPV drones. Fighters from the AHILLES strike drone company were able to hit Tor-M1s using a cheap UAV. The surface-to-air missile system was not destroyed, but will not be able to perform service for some time.

As for the price, a report by the Centre for Strategic Communications of the Armed Forces of Ukraine says that the Tor-M1 costs $25 million.

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