China launches fourth and final Type C13B corvette for Bangladesh Navy (Thief)

Janes defence magazine reports that China’s Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Group has launched the fourth and final Shadhinota-class (Type C13B) corvette named BNS Prottasha for the Bangladesh Navy (BN), according to a news report published on the website.


The launch ceremony for the 90 m-long warship, which has been named Prottasha (with pennant number F114), was held at the company’s shipyard in Wuhan on 8 April: about two months after third-of-class Shongram was launched at the same location.


The vessels follow BNS Shadhinota (F111) and BNS Prottoy (F112), both of which were launched in Wuhan in late 2014 and were commissioned into the BN in March 2016, according to Jane’s Fighting Ships.

The latest two appear to be equipped with a more advanced phased-array radar, which, according to the website, could be the SR2410C 3-D multifunctional radar.

The Type C13B corvettes, the design of which is based on China’s Type 056 corvettes, have a beam of 11 m, a draught of 4.4 m and a full-load displacement of 1,330 tonnes. Top speed is approximately 25 kt. Each of the ships has a complement of 78, including 60 crew and 18 officers.

The Type C13B class is fitted with a 76 mm H/PJ-26 main gun, two 30 mm H/PJ-17-1 close-in weapon systems, a FL-3000N eight-cell launcher for surface-to-air missiles, 2x two C-802 surface-to-surface missiles, and a helipad.

While the combat systems of the Type C13B are broadly similar to those of the Type 056, the BN ships lack a sonar system and anti-submarine weapons.

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