Russia’s offensive in Avdiivka resulted in 8,500 of their soldiers, 155 tanks, and 350 armored vehicles losses

Russia's equipment losses over the past few weeks have been so staggering that it is likely now requiring its soldiers to advance on foot in an effort to capture the eastern Ukrainian city of Avdiivka.

UK Defence Intelligence assesses that the Russians lost about 350 pieces of BTR-82A armored vehicles during the last three weeks while storming the city of Avdiivka.  A large-scale Russian offensive ran into a powerful Ukrainian defense near Avdiivka, according to a UK Defence Intelligence review dated 8 October.

Russian occupiers suffered such losses due to the effectiveness of Ukraine’s modern hand-held anti-armor weapons, mines, uncrewed aerial vehicle-dropped munitions, and precision artillery systems, UK Defence Intelligence noted.

On October 29, Army Inform quoted Colonel Oleksandr Sрtupun, spokesman for the joint press center of the Tavria Defense Forces, as saying that over the past 20 days near Avdiivka, the Russians had lost 7,500 of their soldiers, 155 T-90M tanks and 350 armored vehicles.

These losses are likely due to a combination of the relative effectiveness of modern Ukrainian hand-held anti-armor weapons, mines, unmanned aerial vehicle munitions, and precision artillery systems.

On October 29, in the Avdiivka direction, Ukrainian border guards destroyed a Russian warplane, presumably a Su-25, using a RBS-70 portable air defense system (MANPADS).

On Sunday, the general staff’s official Facebook page shared the latest update to these statistics, claiming that, over the course of Saturday, 990 Russian soldiers had died, bringing Ukraine’s claimed number of total Russian personnel deaths to over 305,000.

The intelligence review indicates that the Russians began using motorized infantry to attack Avdiivka after such losses in armored vehicles. On October 27, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, discussed the situation at the front with the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Rishi Sunak.

Like previous Russian offensives, the assaults on Avdiivka were often characterized by advancing over open terrain, which resulted in heavy losses in personnel.

UK intelligence suggests that Russia has lost several thousand soldiers in the storming of the city since the beginning of October.

“Russia’s leadership continues to demonstrate a willingness to accept heavy personnel losses for marginal territorial gains,” the review reads.

 Earlier, UK Defence Intelligence reported that neither Ukrainian nor Russian forces can break through the contact line in Ukraine due to the solid air defenses of both sides and the long contact line that must be held.

Valerii Zaluzhnyi, the Commander-in-Chief of Ukraine’s Armed Forces, believes that the war with Russia is moving to a new stage: “positional” warfare with static and exhausting battles. To win it, Ukraine needs high technologies.

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