Russia uses Iranian-made anti-tank Dehlavieh missiles to strike Ukrainian targets

Russian forces reportedly used Iranian-made guided missiles to strike Ukrainian targets.

The missiles appeared to be Iranian-made clones of Russian Kornet, called Dehlavieh.

The Dehlavieh is an Iranian version of the Russian 9M133 Kornet anti-tank guided missile. It is an anti-armor guided missile developed by the Defense Industries of the Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Support.

According to Iran’s state media, Dehlavieh has an effective range between 100 and 5,500 meters. Dehlavieh missile is resistant to all types of electronic warfare by using a highly advanced laser guidance system.

Dehlvieh missile weighs 22.7 kg, of which 6.8 kg is allocated to its two-stage warhead, and can penetrate 1,200 mm of armor. If the night vision system is used to fire this missile, its range will be reduced to a radius of 3,500 meters.

The Iranian anti-tank missile systems have a different color scheme for their launch containers and can be easily distinguished from the Kornets by the red stripe on the front. Russian systems have no such markings.

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