Russian army’s Belarus-made armed drone was shot down in Ukraine

A Belarus-made armed drone reportedly has been shot down by the Ukrainian military during an attempted attack on its position in the eastern part of the country.

According to a report from BLITZ Aircraft Unmanned, the loitering munition, described as “suicide drones,” was equipped with a KZ-6 shaped charge and an electric pusher propeller.

The message added that it is Belarus’ UBAK-25 Chekan loitering munition. Its maximum range is 25 kilometers. This unmanned aircraft system is equipped with a disposable drone, that is, in fact, it is a suicide drone. It is capable of hitting enemy manpower and military equipment in the daytime in conditions of good visibility.

BAK-25 Chekan is one of the unmanned systems in the arsenal of Belarus’ army. This is his first combat use and previously there was no information about his export deliveries.

In the early weeks of the war, Russian invading forces were coming to Ukraine from the territory of Belarus which also has rocket launchers prepared for hitting Ukrainian cities.

The Russian army is also using airports in Belarus for targeting Ukrainian cities, towns, and villages. Hospitals and all kinds of civil infrastructure in Belarus are also provided for the needs of the Russian army.

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