Ukraine unveils underground bunker for prized HIMARS artillery rockets

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry has unveiled an underground base being used to protect US-supplied HIMARS launchers.

The Ukrainian military has given some details – but not the exact location – of an underground base for its rocket system.

In a video message, the Ukrainian military showed off the underground base and said that Russia has not managed to destroy any U.S.-supplied HIMARS in Ukraine.

“They keep lying to you that there are practically no HIMARS left. Look at the conditions in which we keep them. These are military facilities built in the Soviet Union. They are not afraid of even nuclear strikes. Since the start of the war, not a single HIMARS system has been destroyed,” the message added.

The HIMARS system is made in the United States by Lockheed Martin Corp. It has proved its deadly efficiency in the war in Ukraine.

Last year, Pentagon spokesman Todd Breasseale said, “The Ukrainians are employing with devastating accuracy and effectiveness, each of the fully accounted for precision missile systems the U.S., our Allies, and partners have provided them to defend against Russia’s brutal, criminal invasion.”

U.S. officials have repeatedly described Ukraine’s ability to integrate and deploy the systems as a game changer, allowing the Ukrainian military to strike Russian command-and-control sites and supply depots well behind the front lines.

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