Bangladesh Orders Leonardo’s Kronos Surveillance Radar

The Bangladesh Air Force (BAF) has ordered Leonardo’s KRONOS LAND radar to provide air surveillance, allowing operators to detect and track targets in tactical environments. Leonardo has announced the contract at BIDEC (Bahrain International Defence Exhibition and Conference) tri-service exhibition, which is taking place at Manama (Baharain) from 28 to 30 October. Kronos is a follow on order by Bangladesh Air Force, the earlier provision of the RAT31 surveillance system to the BAF for early warning and air defence.

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Leonardo will also supply communications equipment, twelve months of technical support services, spare parts and a comprehensive training programme for Bangladeshi Air Force personnel with modules in Italy and Bangladesh. As a complete package, this contract will enable the BAF to develop a long-term maintenance capability and preserve the functionality of the system. 

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Completely designed and developed by Leonardo, the KRONOS LAND is a multi-functional, multi-mission 3D radar for air surveillance and defence, based on latest-generation Full Active-Electronically-Scanned-Array (AESA, also known as E-scan) technology. Leonardo has sold more than 40 KRONOS family systems worldwide.

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The KRONOS LAND has been developed to combine a range of capabilities in a single, mobile, easy to deploy electronically scanned system.

KRONOS LAND can be easily integrated into a defence surveillance network, contributing to the general Recognised Air Picture (RAP). It can also control SHORAD and VSHORAD systems. KRONOS LAND represents one of the most reliable choices for SAM systems, and has been fully engineered and integrated with both semi active and fully active missiles.

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In addition, KRONOS LAND also includes Counter Rocket, Artillery & Mortar (C-RAM) capabilities by providing simultaneously.

The contract to supply KRONOS LAND to the Bangladesh Air Force bolsters Leonardo’s presence in Bangladesh.

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