U.S. Army evaluates mission module on newest Infantry Squad Vehicle (ISV)

Plasan North America, Inc. has announced that it is successfully integrated a new All-Terrain Electric Mission Module (ATeMM) with the U.S. Army’s newest Infantry Squad Vehicle (ISV).

As noted by the company, in less than two months from ideation, Plasan North America, Inc. successfully integrated single and tandem ATeMM with the newest ISV and collaborated with numerous other industry and government partners for a sophisticated lethality and Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance payload integration on the ATeMM.

Plasan team also added that they successfully demonstrated ISR drone deployment and M2 MG shooting, both stationary and on the move, and conducted numerous successful Javelin Anti-Tank missile engagements in the Western U.S..

“These efforts are ensuring we are able to provide our U.S. forces with the most advanced and necessary tools and technology to adapt to the new Character of War,” the message added.

The U.S. Army invited Plasan to demonstrate the ATeMM as a platoon battery recharger and to convert the attached vehicle into a hybrid one.

The ATeMM (pronounced at-uhm) is a connected and synchronized auto-controlled electric-powered platform. It can be easily connected to any leading vehicle that enables the combined platform to perform as a 6×6 or 8×8 synchronized, flexible, and agile platform, allowing the operator a simple and easy driving experience. The system can also supplement generator power at command posts and act as a mass mobile charging station for conformal wearable batteries.

According to open sources, the ATeMM gets a 37-kilowatt-hour battery pack, and a 142-kilowatt electric motor to drive its two wheels.

The platform can also be controlled remotely and turn into a mobile firing mount, roadblock, or even an attack drone.

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