Israeli High Court rejects ban on arms sales to Azerbaijan

Israeli-made LORA ballistic missile.

The High Court of Justice on Monday rejected a petition to ban arms sales to Azerbaijan as lacking evidence to justify a hearing on whether they have been used for war crimes against Armenia, The Jerusalem Post reports.

Azerbaijani Army heavily used Israeli reconnaissance drones, Lora ballistic missile and small arms fight against Armenian military. The LORA SRBM was the primary weapon to destroy communications towers, roads and highway to disconnect Armenian Army from the supply chain of the Armenian military.

Human-rights lawyer Itay Mack is quoted as saying that he was calling on Israel to cease arms sales to Azerbaijan as a moral matter, but he lacked sufficient evidence to file a petition.

It was filed by activist Elie Joseph, who has been on hunger strike over the issue.

Joseph presented news reports that 60% of Azerbaijan arms come from Israel and evidence of a potential air lift of weapons to Azerbaijan days before its current conflict with Armenia erupted.

He also presented news reports and a report by Amnesty International with evidence that Azerbaijan is using Israeli drones to kill Armenians.

Mack said even if he did not think there was enough evidence to go to the High Court, he appealed directly to the government to cease any sales to Azerbaijan based on more general evidence from Azerbaijani officials.

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