Turkish Bayraktar TB2 Encircles Crimea with SIGINT Kit

The Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drone flew for the first near the Russian military base in Crimea, reports Tass news agency.

A few hours ago, near the borders of Crimea, the flight of the Turkish attack-reconnaissance drone Bayraktar TB2 was recorded, which is in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, equipped with the SIGINT devices– the SIGINT is designed not only to conduct electronic reconnaissance at various levels but also to interfere with the operation of various types of equipment, systems and weapons with the Russian military.

A partial flight path of the drone is recorded by flightradar24. It is known that in certain areas the transponder signal was deliberately turned off, apparently in order to minimize the chance of detecting the drone by short-range air defense systems.

Turkish sources also indirectly confirm information regarding the possible jamming of the Russian military in Crimea.

Today, two Global Hawk UAVs belonging to the USA, 1 RC-135W ELINT aircraft belonging to Great Britain, and 1 UAV Bayraktar TB2 belonging to Ukraine flew around the Crimea annexed by Russia at the same time”- said Turkish military analyst Turan Oguz.

The density of reconnaissance flights near the Russian borders may force the Russian side to return troops to the region again since the situation is quite similar to preparations for an attack.

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