Incredible Footage Shows Ukrainian Forces Blew Up $7 Million TOS-1A Using $500 FPV Drone

This was the incredible moment Ukraine blew up a $7 million Russian tank using only a $500 drone.

Footage shared by Ukraine’s 59th Motorised Brigade shows the final moments of a TOS-1A Heavy flamethrower before the dramatic explosion.

The epic scene is filmed from a Ukrainian drone that is hovering above the soviet tank, which was later decimated.

The drone is said to be of the FPV type, which costs a mere $500 compared to the multi million-pound Russian tank.

The TOS-1A, an improved version of the TOS-1 heavy flamethrower system, can cost more than £5million when servicing, training, and ammo are considered, Eurasian Times reports.

These weapons do not use standard ammunition and are loaded with high-pressure explosives.

They are frequently referred to as “vacuum bombs” because they suck oxygen from the air around them, triggering a powerful explosion and a huge pressure wave capable of causing a great deal of devastation.

Russia’s terrifying arsenal of thermobaric weapons launches a barrage of fuel-air explosive warheads so powerful they can “melt” an opposing army.

The bizarre-looking tanks feature a huge oblong-shaped rack on top, loaded with dozens of lethal incendiary or thermobaric rockets.

Originally created as a long-range alternative to the handheld flamethrower, the TOS-1 and TOS-1A are designed to kill or crush any soft target in their path.

The Buratino – a Russian equivalent of Pinnochio – is unique to Russia’s military; a self-propelled multiple rocket launcher system (MRLS) already deployed by Moscow’s generals in conflicts including Afghanistan, Chechnya, Iraq, and Syria.

Similar to the enormous 240mm 2S4 self-propelled mortar, the TOS-1 is designed to obliterate heavily-fortified positions.

Earlier this year, a Russian thermobaric launcher was blown up as Putin’s troops were obliterated in Ukraine’s bloodiest battle.

The impressive strike happened during the failed siege of Vuhledar, Ukraine, in which the Kremlin conceded one of its worst military losses on record.

The high-ground strategic hamlet in Donetsk has seen intense fighting and bloodshed since January as Putin’s army tries to claim the southeast region.

But the Russian leader’s military efforts have ultimately failed, seeing more than 5,000 of his elite marines wiped out like “turkeys in a shooting range” in the process.

The Ukrainian forces also managed to destroy 130 units of enemy equipment including 36 tanks.

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