Russian T-14 was useless in Syria as the Su-57:report

T-14 Armata tank was sensationally unveiled at the 9 May Victory Day parade in 2015, it embarrassingly broke down in front of thousands of onlookers during rehearsals.

Chinese media ridiculed performance of Russian tanks and Su-57 fighters to Syria learned GDC citing Chinese newspapers Sina.

China is actively promoting HQ-9, HQ-16 SAM and J-10C to Syrian Regime. Chinese delegates visited Damascus, the capital of Syria to meet Assad regime’s leader to sale Chinese air defense system when Russian Buk and Pantsir failed to intercept Turkish and Israeli drones.

After the emergence of information that Russia tested its latest Armata tank in Syria, China began to actively ridicule the appearance of a Russian combat vehicle in the Arab Republic, noting that the Armata T-14 tank was just as useless as a fighter Su-57.

“The Russians are hosting the show again. Recently, the Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia Denis Manturov announced that the Armata tank is already participating in real battles on the Syrian battlefield. Under these conditions, the combat effectiveness of the main battle tank of the new generation T-14 Armata was tested, and many “problems” were found. The only real thing is that war is still going on in Syria. In accordance with the actual conditions of the hostilities, they could be on the front line to test their capability. How strong is the defensive power of an unmanned tower? Can the newly built 2A82 125-mm smoothbore directly and accurately destroy enemy armored vehicles and tanks remotely, and can an active defense system easily intercept anti-tank missiles or individual missiles. But there was no such check ”, – the newspaper reports.

It should be clarified that today there really is no evidence that the Russian T-14 Armata tank was tested in Syria.

Moreover, China also ridiculed the appearance of a Russian Su-57 fighter in Syria, noting that it turned out to be as useless as Armata.

“Su-57 fighters did not remain in Syria for a long time before returning back to Russia. During this period, they did not participate in any battles, even if the militants did not have decent air defense capabilities. The Su-57 fighter was not tested even in the bombing, and therefore such tests are like a joke in the international community. ”, – the publication “Sina” informs.

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