Ukraine adopted Neptune coastal defense system

Ukrainian Neptune Cruise Missile.

Defence Minister Andriy Taran approved the adoption of the RK-360MC Neptune coastal defence missile by the nation’s armed forces on 23 August based on the results of its state trials.

The Ukrainian armed forces are adopting the Neptune coastal defence missile, according to Ukroboronprom.

The RK-360MC is a land-based cruise missile system armed with the R-360 anti-ship missile designed to destroy warships, landing ships, and transports operating both independently and in groups, landing units, and coastal radio-contrast targets in normal and difficult meteorological conditions any time of the day and year in face of enemy fire and electronic countermeasures.

The ground platform is a modified KrAZ-7634NE all-wheel drive 8×8 chassis with a 460 hp engine and automatic transmission. The platform carries four transport and launch containers with missiles.

Plans call for a battalion-size RK-360MC division to include six unified USPU-360 launchers, TZM-360 transport-loading vehicles, TM-360 transport vehicles, and a mobile command post. Each division will be equipped with 72 R-360 missiles (four per each of the six launchers), with the transport-loading and transport vehicles carrying the other 48 missiles.

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