Ukraine’s mystery drone struck Belgorod military base exposing Russia’s air defense weaknesses

Russian military and intelligence analysts scrutinized ‘kamikaze’ drone debris recovered at the military camp attack site in Donetsk region in eastern Ukraine.

According to Russians, it is Ukrainian mysterious new loitering ‘kamikaze drone’.

“About 7 units have been flown at the same time. Most of them hit the target covering the entire area. But a few pieces reached soldiers camp,” the message added.

Russia boasts its claim about modern air defense systems, however Ukrainian drones repeatedly struck Russian military base in Engels and Belgorod region. Ukraine’s drone strikes has proven low efficacy of Russian air defense systems.

The military said the drones used in the attacks were Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles which long and slender wings that offer the lowest drag for a given lift at subsonic speed.

One image on social media showed the remains of a suspected Ukrainian-made suicide drone, including what appeared to be part of an X-tail assembly with a screw and fairing part.

Some analysts said mystery drones have a range of about 150 km and strike high-value targets with precision at long ranges.

The kamikaze drone loiters above the operational arena, locates and tracks the enemy, ‘investigate’ possible targets to help to select the high-value ones, chooses the right timing, direction and angle of attack, and then performs a precise strike.

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