U.S. Army sets to upgrade Abrams tank with Israeli Trophy APS

The U.S. Army has announced on 10 July that it is decided to mount Trophy active protection system on Abrams tanks which will deploy to Poland.

According to a press release issued Friday by the U.S. Army Europe, the fielding of Trophy systems provides the U.S. Army’s logistics teams with the opportunity to assess and experience the dynamics of moving and installing the system in a field environment.

“As part of the training, the unit will also mount the Trophy system on Abrams tanks,” it said in a statement. “Trophy is an active protection system that is designed to detect and defeat rocket propelled grenades, recoilless rifles and anti-tank guided missiles.”

In 2019, the Army has also mounted the Trophy system on Abrams during multinational exercise Justice Eagle 19 at Smardan Training Area, Romania.

The U.S. Army Europe officials said that Abrams was equipped with visual modifications to simulate having the Trophy active protection system take part in Saber Guardian 19.

”The visual modifications, which are the same size and weight of the actual system, are being used so that the unit can provide feedback to the Department of Defense concerning the impact of the system on vehicle maneuver, crew situation awareness, and ability to engage targets,” noted by U.S. Army Europe Public Affairs.

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