US Air Force C-17 landing in Libya For Special Operations, Global Hawk drone patrolling over Western Libya

An US Air Force C-17 landed in Libya on Wednesday night for an undisclosed mission, possibly special operatives drop off, Itamil Radar tracked another US Air Force C-17A (reg. 10-0215 callsign RCH147) departed from Ramstein Air Base, Germany descending to western Libya (Tripoli, Zwara).

The aircraft was tracked until Libyan airspace when it’s disappeared from all tracking sites (17:24 CEST). When the signal was lost the aircraft was already begun its descent as you can see in this graphic.

This afternoon Itamil Radar tracked a aircraft descending to NAS Sigonella. The ICAO hexcode indicated (33FD6B) is Italian but possibly NATO Global Hawk.

Observing the route, the altitude (over 50k feet) and the speed (350 knot) of the aircraft it seems an USAF Northrop Grumman RQ-4B “Global Hawk” following the typical approach route to Sigonella.

The drone was back probably from a surveillance mission over western Libya and is landed around 19:50 CEST.

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