China’s first prototype unmanned helicopter successfully flew

ARC500C Prototype Unmanned Helicopter (Source China Daily)

On May 20, the AR500C prototype unmanned helicopter developed by the aviation industry successfully made its first flight at the Poyang UAV base of the Aviation Industry Helicopter Institute. The successful development of this aircraft filled the gap in the field of high-prototype unmanned helicopters in China.

At 3:30 pm, the first flight ceremony officially began. The commander issued the first flight command, the rotor of the AR500C high-prototype unmanned helicopter quickly turned, pulled up and then vertically climbed; the drone helicopter has completed front and back flight, left and right side flight, hovering rotation, mobile flight and other subjects. After 20 minutes of steady landing, the data showed that the unmanned helicopter was in good condition, and the first flight was officially declared successful.

The AR500C high-prototype unmanned helicopter is a high-prototype unmanned helicopter developed on the basis of the AR500B unmanned helicopter technology. It is mainly deployed in the plateau area as the main battlefield to achieve the coverage of the entire territory. Yu reconnaissance, electronic reconnaissance, communication relay and other tasks.

AR500C high-prototype unmanned helicopter has a maximum take-off weight of 500 kg, a take-off height of 5,000 meters, a service ceiling of 6,700 meters, a battery life of about 5 hours, a maximum level flight speed of 170 kilometers per hour, and a maximum cruising speed of 165 kilometers per hour; available Advanced flight functions such as automatic take-off and landing, automatic hovering, over-the-horizon route flight function; with manual stabilization flight / command flight / automatic flight function; with 3D program-controlled flight function; with pre-programmed flight, route online re-planning and wireless Upload function; through the boundary protection design, it has the function of limiting the safe flight area; it has the function of automatic diagnosis and recognition of the main components of the unmanned helicopter.

The AR500C high-prototype unmanned helicopter also has a wide range of application and expansion capabilities. The installation of corresponding equipment can implement electronic interference, search support, security fire protection, forest fire prevention, maritime supervision, nuclear radiation and chemical reconnaissance, as well as independent or coordinated manned aircraft to perform target instructions , Fire fighting and material delivery tasks.

The Helicopter Institute carried out the development of high-prototype UAV helicopters in 2019. It mainly carried out core content such as high-prototype engine selection, high-prototype rotor system design, new aerodynamic shape reconstruction, tail beam quick release, and composite material fuselage structure design. The research and development work passed the plan design review in June 2019 and detailed design review in August. The final assembly of 01 aircraft was completed at the end of March 2020 and the ground test was completed in May.

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