Russian Su-57 will carry four missiles in the internal weapons bay

The Russian Su-57 fighter will have two internal weapons bays capable of carrying four R-77 missiles and four R-73 missiles according to Sukhoi Design Bureau.

An infographic has appeared on the web, demonstrating the equipment of the Russian fourth-generation Su-57 combat aircraft with weapons. The infographics fully confirm that the Russian fighter has two hidden missile compartments, which, in addition, to reduce radar signature, will give the aircraft only medium-range air-to-air combat capability, but Su-57 will carry other weapons such as bombs and missiles at external weapons pylons for air-to-ground capability, which will make it visible to the enemy radar like a fourth-generation aircraft.

A Su-57s engine malfunction during factory trials.

As you can see from the presented image, at the bottom of the fighter there are two compartments capable of intervening up to 8 missiles, while at least two more missiles will be placed in hidden swellings in the front of the wing.

Experts pay attention that due to the fact that eight weapons will be hidden, the aircraft will some capability to reduce radar signature, and the enemy will be able to identify the aircraft as it has to carry bombs and missiles under its external weapons pylons.

It should be noted that the first serial fighter of the new fourth-generation, the Su-57, will enter the troops within next year – according to Sputnik news.

Current production variant of Su-57 will be fitted with identical electronics, radar and engines of Su-35, according to Sukhoi Design Bureau. Further research and development will be carried out by 2028 for next variant of aircraft.

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