Bangladesh Army: The Thief In Green Uniform

Corruptions And Grafts At BD Military

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh attended at the opening ceremony of a taxi company operated by Bangladesh Army. The Trust Cab is licensed to operate in Dhaka and controlled by Army HQ.

The Thief In Green Uniform

Dhaka (GDC) —Bangladesh Director General of Defense Procurement (DGDP) is responsible for the procurement of military equipment, hardware and ration for the Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Navy and Bangladesh Air Force.

The DGDP is segregated in various section; each section is headed by Assistant Director Purchase and Deputy Director Purchase. This DGDP is headed by Director Purchase, two Deputy Director Purchase and four Assistant Director Purchase report to the Director Purchase.

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The Bangladesh Army has launched an investigation into allegations of rape of a Rohingya girl by troops at a refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar. Rohingya takes matter in their hands after Bangladeshi troop sexually assaulted a Rohingya woman.

Purchase Section-7 deals with all types of engineering equipment special vehicles, aviation equipment and their spares. All the purchase section carries out procurement both in foreign and local currency.

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The Marching Thieves

Siphoning Defense Budget to Private Projects

Whilst Bangladesh military lacks any meaningful air defense systems and artillery, in the recent years, DGDP diverted billions of dollar defense budget and procured large number of engineering and construction equipment for the commercial construction projects of Bangladesh Army. Bangladesh Army virtually unchallenged by the Bangladeshi Government and ignoring the fact that Bangladesh Army is siphoning billions of dollar from defense budget to fund those commercial projects. Bangladesh Armed Forces Division controlled by Prime Minister’s office aided those commercial projects. At the same time, Bangladesh Air Force failed to acquire fighter jet concerning lack of funds from DGDP and Ministry of Defense.


Most commercial construction projects were channelled to Bangladesh Army from the Roads and Highways Department (RHD). The Roads and Highways Department (RHD) has sought around 75 per cent higher allocation in the revised budget for the current fiscal year 2019-2020, aiming to carry out periodic maintenance works learned GDC quoting Financial Express.

Bangladesh Army and its crime gangs.
Convicted criminal Haris Ahmed, top, wanted by Bangladesh police, shown with General Aziz Ahmed, bottom, at the Dhaka wedding for General Aziz’ son in 2019. Haris Ahmed afforded the cost of marriage ceremony of General Aziz’s son. Photo courtesy Al Jazeera.
Chief of Bangladesh Army General Aziz Ahmed (AKA graft king) held meetings with the higher officials of Myanmar military services in Naypyitaw. General Aziz Ahmed met Commander-in-Chief of Myanmar Army Vice Senior General Soe Win. General Aziz visited Burma while Hague tribunal was convicting Burmese military officers for genocide and rapes against Rohingya minority people.

The loser and grand thief General Aziz (on the right of the picture) couldn’t make an eye contact with the winner Soe Win (on the left of the picture).

General Aziz tarnished Bangladeshi force’s image at home by visiting Burma while the Burmese military violated Bangladeshi land, air and sea,– Bangladesh hosting more than a million Rohingya refugees in Coxbazar Bangladesh.

Sources said the RHD sought additional fund of Tk 13.43 billion in the middle of the current fiscal year on various grounds. Sources, however, said the RHD sought Tk 250 million as Bangladesh Army placed the demand for the fund to develop the road network in hill tract areas. The RHD criticized Bangladesh Army for substandard road maintenance work as most of roads turn unfit during the rainy season every year.

Corruption in Construction Sector

Meanwhile, a report emerged that Bangladesh had cancelled a road construction project with a major Chinese company, China Harbor Engineering Co. Ltd. (CHEC), which was building the Dhaka Sylhet highway, on charges of attempting to bribe Bangladeshi officials. The same projects were also diverted to Bangladesh Army.

Ordinary citizens took the matter into their hands when a Bangladesh Navy officer attempted to steal an iPhone from a shop. A mob beat a Bangladesh Navy officer, Lieutenant Wasim Ahmed. Photo courtesy, the Sun newspaper.

The finance minister of Bangladesh said about 5 million Taka Bangladesh (about $ 60,000) were offered to him by CHEC to continue the project.

The government has also blacklisted the China Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd. (CHEC) from participating in any future ventures, according to a Voice of America report.

BMW series 7 car owned by Bangladesh Army. This is a clear example that DGDP diverted defense procurement funds to buy luxury goods and BMW cars.

China Harbor Engineering Co. Ltd. (CHEC) is directly connected to the Chinese communist party and ruling President Xi Jinping. In October 2016, when Xi Jinping visited Bangladesh, China offered a generous USD 21.5 billion lines of credit for 26 projects, reports ANI. Some of the projects will be ended up in the pocket of the Bangladesh Army.

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The Chinese Roads and Belt initiated projects are the commercial scope of the projects for the Bangladesh Army. Bangladesh Army will rip off the benefits of Chinese investment in Bangladesh. It can be noted here, that the Bangladesh Army procurement department is also aligned with China since Bangladesh Army is the second largest arms importer of China.

Current Projects of the Bangladesh Army

Hatirjheel Combined Development Project, including Begunbari Canal, has been implemented by the 17 Engineer Construction Battalion of the Bangladesh Army. Construction work on six bridges and four overpasses has already been completed in this project. One bridge has been built to connect Hatirjheel Lake with Banani Lake. Another bridge has also been constructed to connect Hatirjheel Lake with Gulshan Lake as well. A bridge on Gulshan-Merul Badda link road and 2 U-loops on Pragoti Sarani have been added at a later stage of the construction.

The corruption and kickbacks are the norms of Bangladesh Director General of Defense Procurement (DGDP) where Chinese and Russian supplier thrive their businesses. The Armed Forces Division orchestrates commercial construction projects like an organized crime syndicates.

Celebration point, water court, viewing deck, child playing equipment, water taxi terminal, Quay, information desk, Amphitheater, etc. are remarkable among the landscaping items. A bridge has been built in the Gulshan-Merul-Badda link road. As a result, waterway communication by boat has become easier from Begunbari Canal to Baridhara via Hatirjheel and Gulshan Lake.

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Apart from providing the security of all the projects during the Padma Multi-Purpose Bridge Construction, Bangladesh Army has also worked as a construction supervision consultant of the Zazira-Mawa approach road and Bridge-Facilities Services Area. Besides, Bangladesh Army has worked to extend the Dhaka-Mawa and Zazira-Bhanga connecting roads. Bangladesh Army is also working as a supervision consultant for the Padma Bridge Railway project.

In addition to that, Mohipal Flyover has been built on Dhaka-Chattogram connecting roads under the supervision of the Bangladesh Army. Through this flyover, easy communication has been built by the connecting roads of Dhaka-Chattogram and Feni-Lakshmipur. Along with this, Cox’s Bazar-Teknaf Marine Drive Project is being implemented by Bangladesh Army.

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The Armed Forces Division (AFD) of the Prime Minister’s Office was to implement the projects by Bangladesh Army in early April 2013, but still ongoing. These projects are ongoing money-making schemes and diversion of defense budget for the Bangladesh Army.

  • A Graveyard Near National Martyred Monument at Rayer Bazar.
  • Joydebpur-Mymensingh Road Improvement Project (JMRIP).
  • Integrated Development of Hatirjheel Area Including Begunbari Khal project.
  • Utility Shifting Along The Route Alignment of Dhaka Elevated Expressway Project.
  • Scour Protection of Meghna Bridge and Maintenance of Meghna Bridge & Gumti Bridge.
  • Construction of Link RD Form Bribandh To Mohammadpur Bus Stand Under Dncc.
  • Mirpur Sher-E-Bangla National Cricket Stadium and Maj Rds of Dhaka City For Icc World Cup T-20 BD, 2014.

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