US Army Ordered PAC3 MSE Missiles

The U.S. Army has signed a contract with Lockheed Martin for the production of additional PAC-3 MSE missiles, announced Lockheed Martin.

The Missile Segment Enhancement (MSE) gives the missile, which is tuned for Patriot Advanced Capability (PAC), a more powerful propulsion system, larger control fins and a modern data link for combating ballistic missiles.

The contract is worth $5.88 billion and runs until 2023, covering the manufacturer and delivery of the PAC-3 MSE missiles, launch vehicle modification kits, related equipment and one-time support for the US and international customers.

On the basis of previous price quotations, the number of missiles to be delivered can be estimated at around 1,000 so, to meet customer demand and increase production capacity, Lockheed Martin is currently constructing a new building with nearly 8,000 square metres of floor space at its facility in Camden, Arkansas, where PAC-3 MSE interceptor missiles are assembled.

The building is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2021 and operations are scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2022. To date, the US, Qatar, Japan, Romania, Poland, the UAE, Sweden, South Korea, Bahrain and Germany have signed agreements for the procurement of PAC-3 missiles.

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