Stupid Russian Attached Timbers In Front Of BTR-82A APC To Protect It From Javelin

Russian engineers created a new add armor kit from junk metal to protect its BTR-82 armored personnel carriers from small arms fire and artillery share.

Bizarre-looking armored vehicles are equipped with metal channels to protect their most vulnerable frontal and side areas.

The hastily prepared improvised armor modifications are designed to offset the design flaws of Russian combat vehicles that were revealed during the first months of the war in Ukraine. The crews of the BTR-82 complain about the defenselessness of its combat vehicles from small arms and artillery shells. The light armor of Russian armored personnel carriers cannot protect the crew from shelling, and even more so from attacks by modern anti-tank weapons such as Javelins or NLAVs.

The BTR-82 armored personnel carrier is the latest version of the Soviet-era BTR-80 family. The firepower of the BTR-82A is increased by the use of a new unified fighting module with an electric drive armed with one 2A72 30mm cannon coupled with a 7.62 mm machine gun. The turret is fully stabilized on the two axes and fitted with new sights. The BTR-82 can fire on the move during day and night operations.

The armored hull of the APC is made up of Kevlar laminated synthetic material to provide ballistic protection.

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