Ukrainian troops blew up the Russian Buk anti-air missile system using HIMARS

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have released footage showcasing their successful strike on a Russian “BUK” surface-to-air missile system using the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS).

According to the report, Ukrainian Security Service units detected the Russian “BUK” launcher and relayed the coordinates to artillery units within the Ukrainian military. This led to a precise strike executed with HIMARS, effectively neutralizing the threat posed by the Russian missile system.

“On the Kherson front, units of the Ukrainian Security Service tracked an enemy “Buk” anti-aircraft missile system and passed on the coordinates to their comrades in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who successfully struck it using HIMARS,” said in the report.

The BUK missile system, known for its NATO codename SA-11 Gadfly, is a mobile medium-range surface-to-air missile (SAM) system designed by Russia to safeguard field troops and logistical installations against aerial threats. Its capabilities extend to countering various airborne targets, including tactical and strategic aircraft, cruise missiles, helicopters, and other aerodynamic threats, while operating even in severe ECM environments. Furthermore, it is equipped to engage tactical ballistic missiles like the Lance, antiradar missiles such as HARM, and other high-precision airborne and ground-based threats.

It’s notable that since the onset of their invasion in early 2022, Russian forces have reportedly lost approximately 50 BUK missile systems.

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