Israeli and Greek shipyards to co-produce naval corvette

The firms ΟΝΕΧ Νeorion Shipyards and Israel Shipyards Ltd have signed an agreement on the co-production of the “Themistocles” corvette ship, the Syros Island-based shipyard announced on Tuesday.

According to the announcement, the Themistocles Corvette is a next-generation, multi-purpose vessel designed to patrol and protect the Eastern Mediterranean’s sea borders.

Both shipyards are cooperating closely in the international development and promotion of the new corvette, with Greece and Israel as the main production hubs for the vessel.

The Themistocles combines the knowhow of the Greek, Israeli and US shipbuilding industries and brings next-generation operational capabilities to future naval warfare, the announcement said.

The ship will have a length of 72 meters (236 feet), a full displacement of about 800 tons and can reach a speed of above 30 knots with extended endurance. It can not only provide space for a medium size marine helicopter, but also support the unique demands involved in deploying Special Forces units.

The Themistocles includes state-of-the-art weapons and electronic systems, which can then can be tailored to customer-specific requirements.

For ONEX Neorion and Israel Shipyards Ltd the name “Themistocles” symbolizes the common principles, culture and the values of peoples based on the ideals of freedom, democracy and unity, the announcement said.

The vessel is named for the ancient Athenian politician, general and naval strategist Themistocles, whose emphasis on naval power and military skills were instrumental during the Persian Wars. Themistocles was the originator of Athenian sea power and was the chief savior of Greece from subjection by the Persian Empire at the Battle of Salamis in 480 BC.

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