Indian Air Force’s Dhruv Helicopter came under the warning fire from the Chinese military

The Chinese military fired automatic weapons at the Indian Air Force Dhruv helicopter, according to communist party run Global Times online media.

The Indian Air Force helicopter, approaching the positions of the Chinese military in the disputed region of Ladakh, came under the warning fire from the Chinese military. According to sources on Chinese military, the fire was fired from a hand-held automatic weapon, however, despite the considerable remoteness, several bullets still fell into the rotorcraft, and therefore, the crew was forced to make an emergency landing – according to Global Times, as a result of an attack by the Chinese military there are no casualties among Indian soldiers.

The Indian side does not confirm the fact that the incident occurred due to shelling by Chinese troops, noting that the fault was caused by a technical malfunction, however, it is noteworthy that the Indian Ministry of Defense has not yet announced its losses after the start of military clashes in this controversial region.

It should be noted that the overwhelming number of clashes in the Ladakh region are connected with the provocative actions of the Chinese military, while, according to the Chinese media, it was India that suffered the largest losses – any attacks by the Chinese military are connected with intentions to warn of readiness for much more severe measures.

Experts, in turn, are very afraid that such clashes could develop into a real large-scale military conflict with the use of more heavier weapons, which both China and India have.

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