Poland Opens Regional Abrams Main Battle Tank Maintenance Center

Poland has inaugurated a regional maintenance hub for the Abrams main battle tanks in Poznań 300 kilometers west of the capital Warsaw.

The state-owned Polish Armaments Group (PGZ) wrote that the site is open to American warfighters stationed in Poland and other European partners who need to repair their Abrams.

PGZ added that the hub will cover sustainment services for Polish Abrams deployed to other nations, along with tanks operating domestically.

The launch is part of Warsaw’s broader initiative to modernize its ground force fleet and expand facilities supporting the vehicles at the eastern border in response to growing tensions.

To support this effort, the Polish Ministry of Defense and Poznań-based mobility developer Military Automotive Works (WZM) signed an agreement with Abrams builder General Dynamics Land Systems in 2023 to construct the tank’s support facility in the city.

Polish soldier and Idaho National Guard M1 Abrams tank training

Polish soldiers attend Idaho National Guard M1 Abrams tank training to observe best practices as Polish Land Forces seek to develop their own training capability. Photo: US Army

“The army must be provided with support in terms of service, operation and maintenance of each type of equipment it has in its inventory,” PGZ Management Board Vice President Krzysztof Sola said.

“Today’s ceremony confirms that we, as a trustworthy partner, take our role extremely seriously. After 8 months, we meet again here, at [WZM] to open a new chapter in the history of PGZ.”

“I would like to thank the representatives of General Dynamics Land Systems, as well as the management board of [WZM and the employees of PGZ] for the fact that together we managed to implement this project in such a short time.”

The Poznań center project follows Warsaw’s order of 250 Abrams in its latest configuration from the US in 2022.

Costing $1.1 billion, the vehicles will incorporate advanced communication systems, weaponry, fuel efficiency, and armor capabilities.

The first tranche of Abrams will arrive in Poland in early 2025. This batch, along with the forthcoming platforms, will be able to seamlessly accommodate future upgrades according to the Polish military’s requirements.

An academy was built in the city in 2022 to train troops in operating the Abrams.

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