NVL Group laid the keel for the Bulgarian Navy’s second multipurpose modular patrol vessel

German shipbuilder NVL Group has hosted a keel-laying ceremony for the Bulgarian Navy’s second multipurpose modular patrol vessel (MMPV).

Almost one year after the keel-laying ceremony of the first multipurpose modular patrol vessel (MMPV) for the Bulgarian Navy, the keel-laying of the second vessel took place in Varna, Bulgaria.

The keel-laying of the second MMPV vessel marks an important juncture for the programme. From now on, we will be working visibly on two ships in parallel. This lifts the challenge for all involved in the design and construction and everyone is excited about the steady increase of activities on the shipyard and in the offices,” Dirk Malgowski, Managing Director of NVL B.V. & Co. commented.

“… event is confirming once again our commitment to the project and valuable cooperation amongst all stakeholders. Despite numerous challenges, our joint effort brings the results, which are visible with the first ship close to launching and the second already in progress. Partnership between NVL, MTG, NTB and Bulgarian Navy will continue to be vital for timely and within budget delivery of the project,” said Svetlin Stoyanov, CEO of MTG Dolphin.

The construction of the second vessel started in December last year. The 90 metres long vessels with a displacement of approximately 2,300 t are based on a proven NVL design and feature an integrated combat management system.

Both units are capable of countering air and land based threats as well as surface and undersea threats. Accordingly, the vessels are predestined for tasks within the framework of international alliance missions for NATO and the EU.

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