France delivers Akeron MP anti-tank guided missiles to Ukraine

On November 9, Défense & Sécurité Internationale posted a tweet broadcasting a short speech by Lionel Royer-Perreaut, a member of the French National Assembly, during a hearing of the Defense Commission dedicated to the French military assistance to Ukraine. A delivery so far unnoticed, he confirmed the supply of Akeron MP ATGMs, among other weapon systems consisting mainly of Mistral air defense missiles, CAESAR self-propelled howitzers and TRF1 155mm towed howitzers.

The Akeron MP previously MMP (Missile Moyenne Portée – Medium-Range Missile) is a 5th-generation portable surface-to-surface missile system developed by the French defense company MBDA. It is designed for anti-tank warfare, dismounted, or integrated into combat vehicles.

One of the key attributes of the Akeon MP is its high level of accuracy. It is equipped with advanced guidance and targeting systems, including infrared (IR) and semi-active laser (SAL) seekers. These seekers enable the missile to lock onto and track its target with a high degree of precision, reducing the likelihood of missing the intended target.

The Akeon MP also boasts a versatile and adaptable design. It can be launched from various platforms, including ground-based launchers and vehicle-mounted launchers. The Akeon MP is capable of defeating a wide range of armored threats. Its tandem warhead design allows it to penetrate even the most heavily armored tanks, making it highly effective against modern armored vehicles. The missile’s dual warhead approach ensures that it can defeat both the vehicle’s reactive armor and its main armor, increasing the probability of mission success.

The Akeon MP is also designed with a focus on operational safety and reliability. Its built-in safety features, rigorous testing procedures, and quality assurance measures ensure that it performs consistently in the field, minimizing the risk of accidents or failures during operations.

Furthermore, the missile system is compatible with modern command and control systems, enabling seamless integration into existing military networks for real-time targeting and situational awareness. This interoperability enhances the overall effectiveness of the missile system in joint and coalition operations.

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